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New Group Opened

20 February 2015 21:33:20

We are please to welcome a new group into the district.

The 106th Ayrshire (Hillside School) has now been registered and is operating in Cumnock.

The group is specifically for the pupils of Hillside School. Hillside School provides education for children with severe and complex additional support needs.

We would like to thank the new volunteers that have taken up the various roles within the group. Jack Leishman has agreed to be the GSL meantime.

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Local Development Officer appointed

07 October 2014 10:08:00

A new LDO role has been created to work in Ayrshire East / North Ayrshire & Arran districts to start up new sections / groups. Nikki Sully has been appointed by Scouts Scotland to carry out this role.

We look forward to meeting with and working alongside her during her term of employment.

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District Scout Network Leader Role filled

10 June 2014 20:48:19

Our new DSNL is David Tumulty and we would like to welcome him to the District Team. David is currently an SL with the 91st Ayrshire and will continue in that role.

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New Explorer Scout Roles filled

06 October 2013 06:55:24

The positions of DESC & DESA have been filled by Ron Lunn & Stephen Hyslop respectively.

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New ADC Roles filled

26 June 2013 18:10:15

The Beaver and Cub sectional ADCs have new people in the roles. Tricia & Peter Banner fill the positions respectively.

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Stewarton Explorer Unit to reopen

29 May 2012 20:22:00

The Explorer Scout Unit in the Stewarton area of the district is to reopen 7 years after it amalgamated with the Irvine Valley and Kilmarnock units to form the Jesters ESU.

The unit will be called the Alpha Thistles after consulting with potential new members from Fenwick, Stewarton & Dunlop. The unit scarf will be Emerald Green with a Purple border.

The unit will officially start on Monday 20th August in the 20th Ayrshire (Stewarton) Scout HQ at 19:30.

It is planned to have an inaugural camp within the first month or so to allow the new members to try out different activities.

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Region Commissioner Announces New Appointments

04 May 2012 18:32:00

To all in South West Scotland Region

From Colin Williamson, Regional Commissioner, South West Scotland Region.

I am delighted to formally announce that Stuart Dunsmuir has been appointed as new District Commissioner for Ayrshire East District. He took up post on the 1st May. Stuart started Scouting with the 29th Ayrshire and, over a number of  years, has held several leadership, training, committee and advisory roles in the District before being appointed DESC when he recently returned to live and work in Ayrshire. Stuart brings a wealth of experience at all levels in Scouting. I wish him every success in his new role and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Stuart takes over from Michael Carruthers and I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his huge contribution to Scouting in the District over many years . Also, for his patience and commitment to continuing to do the role of DC while the process of finding his successor was ongoing.

There is one further appointment I would also like to announce and that is the new Regional Special Needs Advisor. This position has been vacant for a while and I am pleased to say that James Burwood  has agreed to take on the role. James is GSL presently for the 22nd Ayrshire at Crosshouse Hospital and also ASL with the 23rd Ayrshire. With both the Crosshouse Hospital and Stanecastle School groups growing, and several other enquiries to set up additional  special needs groups in North and East Ayrshire, James will be a busy man.

Yours in Scouting

Colin Williamson

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Region Fun Day

02 February 2012 19:29:00

The region are having a fun day on Saturday the 19th May; this will be held in Rozelle Park Ayr.

Times:- arrive 12 noon with packed lunch and then activities from 1pm until 4pm

Each district in the region will be responsible for some of the activities and hopefully there will activities from various people

There will be cost per person which is still to be decided

The region would encourage you to attend this event as Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers & Network members from all over the region will be there.

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Search Committee formed

15 December 2011 23:02:23

A search committee has been established to find a successor for Michael Carruthers who tendered his resignation as District Commissioner.

The committee includes representatives from the district council, groups and youth membership. They will hold their first meeting on 11/01/12 when the application / nomination process will be opened.

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District Receives Charity Recognition

25 November 2011 10:43:00

The district has successfully applied for charitable recognition from The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).

Our Scottish Charity number is SC042761.

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Young Leaders Complete Training

16 Octoberr 2011 15:35:31

Well done to the 5 Young leaders who completed modules B - K at Lapwing Lodge this weekend.

This brings the total Young Leaders who have completed their training in the district to 14.

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District Commissioner Resigns

14 September 2011 22:33:31

District Commissioner, Michael Carruthers, tendered his resignation at the district meeting on Wednesday 14th September.

He will stand until February or until a replacement is found, if sooner.

The meeting conveyed it's thanks to Michael for the work he has done in the district. Michael will continue to work within Scouting at a local level.

The South West Region will start a search committee to find a replacement DC.

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District goes Tweeting

07 September 2011 23:11:13

The district now have a Twitter following. You can tweet us @aescouts

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Beaver Scouts Celebrate 25th birthday

11 June 2011 17:18:13

59 Beaver Scouts from within the district celebrated their 25th birthday on Saturday 11 June in the 91st Ayrshire hall. Party games including, pass the teddy, hunt the treasure and many more were thoroughly enjoyed by all those present.

The Provost of East Ayrshire kicked the party off and welcomed all the the beavers.

Photos of the party can be seen here.

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District Cooking Competition

22 April 2011 09:24:28

The Scout cooking competition took place on Sunday 10th April with 10 teams entering.

The standard was extremely high from all teams, however there had to be only one winner. This year the team that came out on top was the 29th Ayrshire (New Farm Loch) - Team A.

This is the second year in a row that the 29th have won the cooking competition, congratulations to them and well done to the rest of the teams.

Keep a look out for next year to see if the 29th can make it 3 in a row....

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